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Sandra G. Harding:  opere

  • 1935  Nasce il 29 marzo.
  • 1983  Discovering Reality: Feminist Perspectives on Epistemology, Methodology, and Philosopby of Science, Reidel, Dordrecht/Boston
    • a cura di: id., M. Hintikka
  • 1986  The Science Question in Feminism, Cornell University Press, Ithaca 1986, [rif.] [rif.1]
  • 1987  Feminism and Methodology, Open University Press, London, [rif.]
    • a cura di: idem
  • 1991  Whose Science? Whose Knowledge?, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, [rif.]
  • 1993  The 'Racial' Economy of Science, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, [rif.]
  • 2000  The Book of Jerry Falwell. Fundamentalist Language and Politics, Princeton University Press, Princeton, [rif.]
  • 2004  The Feminist Standpoint Theory Reader: Intellectual and Political Controversies, Routledge, London, [rif.]
    • a cura di: id.
  • 2005  Histories of the Future, [rif.]
    • a cura di: idem, Daniel Rosenberg
  • 2008  Sciences from Below: Feminisms, Postcolonialisms, and Modernities
  • 2011  The Postcolonial Science and Thechnology Studies Reader