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(september 1999)

"TecaLibri" is a collection of cards about books, published in italian language.

A card includes:

  • Book data: author, title, publisher, edition year, year of italian edition, collection, isbn, editor, original title, year of the first edition, translator, subject matter classification.
  • Selection of phrases or pages of the book.
  • Table of contents and bibliography of the non-fiction books.
  • Reduced image of the cover page.
  • Real images of the covers, first, back and inside.
  • Images of same figures of the books.

Each card is included in some indexes and links other lists:
  • general index of the authors with one or more titles in TecaLibri library,  [ example ], and of the authors with a list of links to web pages  [ example ];
  • list of the works of a author with a card  [ example ];
  • string of the covers of a author with a card  [ example ];
  • list of the links to web sites with pages about the author or with his texts on line  [ example ];
  • index of the subjects, topics or classes  [ example ];
  • list of the authors of a class  [ example ];
  • list of the covers of the books of a class, sorted by edition year  [ example ];
  • list of the titles of a class, by first edition year, included the titles of the authors in the bibliographies  [ example ];
  • list of links to web sites with pages about the class  [ example ];
  • list of TecaLibri cards by publisher  [ example ].

TecaLibri is an idea of
Renato di Stefano, a non professional reader.

The publishers are invited to support the TecaLibri project.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.