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George Perkins Marsh:  opere

  • 1801  Nasce il 15 marzo a Woodstock.
  • 1856  The Camel. His Organisation Habits and Uses, Gould and Lincoln, Boston, [rif.]
  • 1857  Report on the Artificial Propagation of Fish, Free Press Print, Burlington, [rif.]
  • 1861  Lectures on the English Language, Charles Scribner, New York, [rif.]
  • 1864  Man and Nature: Or Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action, Scribners, New York, [rif.]
  • 1882  Muore il 23 luglio a Vallombrosa.
  • 1888  Life and Letters of George Perkins Marsh, Charles Scribner's and Sons, New York, [rif.]
    • a cura di: Caroline Crane Marsh
  • 1892  Catalogue of the Library of George Perkins Marsh, University of Vermont, Burlington, [rif.]
  • 1958  George Perkins Marsh: Versatile Vermonter [di David Lowental], Columbia University Press, New York, [rif.]
  • 1988  L'uomo e la natura: ossia la superficie terrestre modificata per opera dell'uomo, Franco Angeli, Milano, [rif.]
    • a cura di: Fabienne O. Vallino
  • 2000  George Perkins Marsh: Prophet of Conservation [di David Lowenthal], University of Washington Press, Seattle, [rif.]
  • 2001  So Great A Vision: The Conservation Writings of George Perkins Marsh, University Press of New England, Hanover, [rif.]
    • a cura di: Stephen C. Trombulak