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P. Nijkamp:  opere

  • 1985  Measuring the Unmeasurable. Analysis of Qualitative Spatial Data, Nijhoff, The Hague, [rif.]
    • a cura di: idem, H. Leitner, N. Wrigley
  • 1991  The Use of Multicriteria Analysis in Physical Planning, Elsevier, Amsterdam, [rif.]
    • con: P. Rietveld, H. Voogd
  • 1992  Interaction, Evolution and Chaos in Space, Springer, Berlin, [rif.]
    • con: A. Reggiani
  • 1993  Nonlinear Evolution of Spatial Economic Systems, Springer, Berlin, [rif.]
    • a cura di: idem, A. Reggiani
  • 1998  The Economics of Complex Spatial Systems, Eisevier, Amsterdam, [rif.]