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James Kenneth Galbraith:  opere

  • 1952  Nasce il 29 gennaio.
  • 1989  Balancing Acts: Technology, Finance and the American Future
  • 1998  Created Unequal: The Crisis in American Pay
  • 2001  Inequality and Industrial Change: A Global View
    • con: Maureen Bemer
  • 2004  The Economics of Innocent Fraud. Truth for our Time, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, [rif.]
    • L'economia della truffa, Rizzoli, 2004
  • 2008  The Predator State. How conservatives abandoned the free market and why liberals should too, Free Press, New York, [rif.]
  • 2014  The End of Normal
  • 2015  Una modesta proposta per risolvere la crisi dell'euro, Asterios
    • con: Yanis Varoufakis, Stuart Holland