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Joseph Priestley:  opere

  • 1762  A Course of Lectures on the Theory of Language and Universal Grammar, Warrington, [rif.]
  • 1763  Lectures on History and General Policy
  • 1765  Chart of Biography, [rif.]
  • 1769  A New Chart of History, [rif.]
  • 1772  Istruzioni per impregnare l'acqua di aria fissa, [rif.]
  • 1775  Hartley's Theory of the Human Mind on the Principle of the Association of Ideas, with Essays Relating to the Subject, Johnson, London, [rif.]
  • 1777  Materialism, Collier-Macmillan, New York, 1965, [rif.]
    • in: Passmore, J. (a cura di), Priestley's Writings on Philosophy, Science, and Politics