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  • 1909  The Depth and Marine Deposits of the Pacific, Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass., [rif.]
    • con: G.V. Lee
  • 1912  Atlanterhavet. Fra overflaten til havdypets mørke. Efter undersøkelser med dampskipet «Michael Sars», Aschehoug, [rif.]
    • con: Johan Hjort
  • 1912  The Depths of the Ocean: A General Account of the Modern Science of Oceanography based largely on the Scientific Researches of the Norwegian Steamer "Michael Sars" in the North Atlantic, MacMillan, London, [rif.]
    • con: Johan Hjort
  • 1913  Antarctic Days, Andrew Melrose, London, [rif.]
    • con: George Marston
  • 1913  The Ocean: A General Account of the Science of the Sea, Williams and Norgate, London, [rif.]