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Jerry A. Fodor:  opere

  • 1935  Nasce a New York.
  • 1964  The Structure of Language, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, [rif.]
    • con: J.J. Katz
  • 1966  How to Learn to Talk: Some Simple Ways, Cambridge, Mass., [rif.]
    • in: F. Smith, G. Miller, The Genesis of Language
  • 1968  Psychological Explanation. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Psychology, Random House, New York, [rif.] [rif.1]
  • 1975  The Language of Thought, Harvester Press, Hassocks, Sussex, [rif.] [rif.1] [rif.2] [rif.3] [rif.4] [rif.5]
  • 1983  The Modularity of Mind. An Essay on Faculty Psychology, A Bradford Book, The MIT Press, Cambridge, [rif.] [rif.1]
    • La mente modulare. Saggio di psicologia delle facoltŕ, Il Mulino, 1988
  • 1987  Psychosemantics. The Problem of Meaning in the Philosophy of Mind, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., [rif.]
  • 1992  Holism: A Shopper's Guide, Blackwell, Oxford, [rif.]
    • con: E. Lepore
  • 2001  La mente non funziona cosí, Laterza, [rif.] [rif.1]
  • 2003  Mente e linguaggio, Laterza
  • 2008  LOT 2: The Language of Thought Revisited, Oxford University Press, Oxford, [rif.]
  • 2010  What Darwin Got Wrong, [rif.] [rif.1]