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Peter Godfrey-Smith:  opere

  • 2001  Three Kinds of Adaptationism, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, [rif.]
    • in: Steven Orzack, Elliott Sober (a cura di), Adaptation and Optimality
  • 2009  Darwinian Populations and Natural Selection, Oxford University Press, Oxford, [rif.]
  • 2014  Philosophy of Biology, Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ
  • 2016  Other Minds. The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness, Farrar Straus and Giroux, New York, 2016
  • 2016  Animal Evolution and the Origins of Experience, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK
    • a cura di: David Livingstone Smith
    • in: How Biology Shapes Philosophy: New Foundations for Naturalism
  • 2016  Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness, Farrar, Straus e Giroux, New York, [rif.]