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Stuart Kauffman:  opere

  • 1993  The Origins of Order. Self-Organization and Selection in Evolution, O.U.P., New York, [rif.] [rif.1]
  • 1994  Whispers from Carnot. The Origins of Order and Principles of Adaptation in Complex Nonequilibrium Systems, Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass., [rif.]
    • in: G.A. Cowan, D. Pines, D. Meltzer (a cura di), Complexity. Metaphors, Models and Reality, Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity, Proceedings vol.19
  • 1995  At home in the universe. The Search for Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity, Oxford University Press, New York, [rif.] [rif.1] [rif.2] [rif.3] [rif.4]
  • 2000  Investigations
  • 2005  Esplorazioni evolutive, Einaudi, Torino, [rif.]
  • 2010  Reinventare il sacro. Scienza, ragione e religione: un nuovo approccio, Codice, Torino, [rif.]