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Ray Kurzweil:  opere

  • 1948  Nasce il 12 febbraio a Queens, New York, USA. Nato Raymond.
  • 1990  The Age of Intelligent Machines, The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, [rif.] [rif.1]
  • 1993  The 10% Solution for a Healthy Life
  • 1998  The Age of Spiritual Machines. When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence, Viking, New York, [rif.] [rif.1] [rif.2] [rif.3]
  • 2004  Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough To Live Forever, Rodale, Emmaus, Penn., [rif.]
    • con: Terry Grossman
  • 2005  La singolaritÓ Ŕ vicina [rif.1:], [rif.] [rif.1] [rif.2] [rif.3] [rif.4] [rif.5] [rif.6] [rif.7] [rif.8] [rif.9]
  • 2005  La singolaritÓ Ŕ vicina [rif.2:], [rif.]
  • 2005  The Singularity is Near, Viking, New York, 2005
  • 2009  Transcend: Nine Steps to Livong Well Forever, Rodale, New York
    • con: Terry Grosman
  • 2012  How to Create a Mind, [rif.] [rif.1]